New J.K. Rowling Film: Harry Schauble and the Voldemort Greek Cauldron

HAMBURG - Germany - Celebrated author, J.K. Rowling has dusted off her typewriter for a wizard finale that has astounded fans, starring Harry Schauble and Voldemort.


Speaking about the film in Hamburg, the author said: “Harry Schauble gets in a bit of a bother when he is confronted by Voldemort, a radical Marxist spit shiner who starts to stir his cauldron rather viciously. Voldemort is the bane of Harry Schauble’s existence as he keeps on nicking the wheelchair bound wizard’s ingredients to put in a cauldron in order to make an almighty Greek potion of vileness. I shan’t give away the film’s plot all in one go, but we had a test screening in Berlin last week and the Germans were wailing in their seats, almost as if they’d seen Voldemort in the flesh.”

Harry Schauble and the Voldemort Greek Cauldron will open in Europe on Friday, tickets to see the film will be 12.4 billion each.