Spam News: Internet Turning into One Massive Listicle

CALIFORNIA - USA - The internet, a place where literally trillions of pieces of human mind data splats around its electronic corridors has become a large spammy listicle depository.


“We churn out literally 20,000 listicle articles every 45 minutes. These listicles are created using keyword analysis tools to determine how high our advertising revenue will be if someone clicks on the ads on each listicle. Our listicle spam floods the internet on a constant basis with inane, useless spam that ensures we gain ad revenue by spamming the search engines on a constant basis,” Gerard Blottnik, CEO for Buzzardfeed revealed in a recent listicle.

Buzzardfeed is currently one of the largest spam sites on the internet and is continuing to grow daily.

Why have quality when you can spam the whole internet with listicles making a killing with ad revenue.

“This is great, this is what the internet should be, a big listicle web of listicles. I read a great listicle amongst a thousand spammed at me in the search engines two minutes ago ’10 Ways to Cut Your Toe Nails On a Ski Lift’ I mean how informative is that? This is quality content, must read stuff, listicles, listicles, listicles, ooh someone please kick me in the listicles, listicles everywhere, spamming my mind, I got listicles comin’ out my listicles,” listicle fanatic, Miles Eduardo, an internet user from New York told Tech Wired magazine.