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Friday, December 8, 2023
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Great News Buzzfeed is Shutting Down

NEW YORK - USA - Today has been a great day with the wonderful news that awful woke spam site Buzzfeed is to shut down.

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The site that we call Spamfeed, i.e. Buzzfeed is shutting down operations after spamming the internet for years with substandard low quality shite spam articles, clickbait articles, AI generated spam and fucking spammy stupid listicles. Churning out shit by the gigabyte every second of the day, today the company announced the wonderful news that they are shutting down operations forever.

As well as massive instances of plagiarism, Buzzfeed were the epitome of everything that was wrong with the internet and may they rest in piss, pieces of woke shit will no longer spam the internet with their horrid woke detritus.

The people responsible for Buzzfeed should hang their heads in abject shame after polluting the internet for so long and only shutting down now.

Okay, Huffpost is still operating, but hopefully that will go the same way as Buzzfeed soon.

There truly is an internet god, and today he granted a lot of wishes.

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  1. If they are to shut down does that mean their articles are still on the internet? Hopefully those will all be deleted as well.

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