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Bud Light: The Power of Consumerist Revolutionary Rage

NEW YORK - USA - Consumer brands like Bud Light that adhere to wokism have to be taught lessons by the consumer.

Wokism is a disease that can only be addressed in one way: boycott. Do not purchase or subscribe to anything that utilises the woke Marxist ideology. This may be a product you have always bought since childhood, or something that you previously loved dearly, you as the consumer must be true to your word and simply walk away.

Is there forgiveness for any brand that realises that their woke marketing was a mistake, and they beg for forgiveness from their previously loyal customers? First of all, no company or brand apologises to their previous customers for going woke, simply because they label their wokeness as being ‘inclusive’ when in reality it is ‘exclusive’ to some segment of society that is deemed as severely offensive to many. Yes, of course any segment of human society has a right to exist, however some parts of society are deemed as highly divisive and viewed as deviant. Deviancy and perversion is allowed in Western society with no problem, however, having it pushed down people’s throats or to young impressionable children by a previously loved brand is a step too far for many. Most people don’t give two flying sideways fucks about trans people or the LGBTQP scene, and are tolerant to all the strands of society as long as they conduct their actions amongst themselves.

As brands like Bud Light, are currently learning, the woke agenda they were pushing down their previous consumers throats has led to a $6 billion loss, and when the next quarter of sales are brought to light, Bud Light may not be so bright, in fact the whole thing will be flushed down the toilet, an unholy piece of shite. Consumers must stick to their guns with any sort of action, and they must adhere to any boycott of brands like Bud Light until it either disappears entirely or the brand completely capitulates. This is the power of the consumer, and these brands can only be taught a lesson one way — bankruptcy.

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