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Inflation: The Bank of England Infiltrated by Remainers

LONDON - England - The Bank of England, Treasury and Civil Service are manned completely by remainers intent on ruining Brexit.

The Bank of England has engineered a high inflationary ‘cost of living’ disaster to make Brexit look fundamentally flawed and create an atmosphere of blame towards Britain’s exit of the EU. The implants into the BoE are partnered with Brussels to ruin Britain’s economy, and they are successfully doing this with the artificially created inflation on every day goods and utilities for the country.

It is no news that the current Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt is a staunch remainer, and his high tax policies are proof that he has dedicated his energy to the denigration of Brexit. This is why Hunt appointed Megan Greene as a member of the Bank’s monetary policy committee. “Brexit is bad for the UK economically,” she told Bloomberg while still chief economist at Manulife in 2017.

Along with the Governor Andrew Bailey who is a military grade remainer, the entire edifice of the Bank is dedicated to its total commitment to Brussels.

Increasing interest rates by insane increments will hasten Britain falling into deep recession, as many mortgage holders will eventually default on their loans. The banking system will crumble as liquidity disappears completely, and millions scramble to take out their money.

With the entire civil service working daily to reverse Brexit, the remainers in all these institutions are dedicating themselves to destroying the British economy in a sort of scorched earth policy. It is the only way they can win — by completely destroying the economy to prove their point about Brexit not working.

Would it not have been a better decision to look forward, utilising the global opportunities to build up the UK’s economy benefitting from Brexit freedoms instead of this dire self-inflicted remainer-led race to the bottom of the barrel?

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