Top 10 Lists On the Internet

LONDON - England - Here at the Squib we have compiled a list of the top 10 lists we would like to see everywhere on the internet.

Naturally, these lists are a great space filler for many sites and seem to garner a lot of user activity. We’re even thinking of just writing lists ourselves. Forget about anything else, write lists, think about some list that no one has ever written about which is of course a virtual impossibility because every conceivable subject has been written as a list somewhere on the internet(s).

1) Top 10 Smartphones to buy right now or forever be left behind in life

2) Top 10 lists that made you yawn for the 6th time that day

3) A top 10 list of movies you never thought about ever watching but somehow manage to by accident

4) Top 10 torture devices that changed the course of history not including the internet

5) Top 10 lists of lists within lists in a big venn diagram infographic list

6) A list of shopping

7) Top 10 news sites that simply write lists all day and all night long all year long

8) The top 10 list of the day featured on reddit or some other similar site getting millions of hits from people bored out of their little minds

9) Top 10 things you wish you had done but never did but may do some time in your life if you ever get the chance

10) Top 10 reasons for not bothering to read a top 10 list all the way down to 10 and you only get up to number 4 before clicking on the next bookmark