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The Daily Squib’s New Year Predictions

LONDON - England - Yep, it's time for another new year. This year we've got some great predictions for you.

As you all know last year was a terrific year with lots of things going on, you know a little bit of this and a little bit of that. It’s the same thing every year, like some people had a good year, some people had a bad year, and some people had a not so good not so bad year.

Next year will be pretty much the same, some people will have a good year, some people will have a bad year and others will have a not so good not so bad year.

How about a universal calendar where we can have a new year every second or after every million cycles or just have one continuous endless year for eternity — infinity?

Yeah, you know dump the un-scientific Gregorian for something that’s you know proper universal, none of this mumbo jumbo clap trap.

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