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NSA: U.S. Tech Industry Enjoys China Renaissance of Nothing

SILICON VALLEY - USA - Thanks to NSA spying revelations, China is now investing nothing in U.S. tech companies which is a market worth tens of trillions of dollars.

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Marcus Trebor, CEO to Silicon Valley tech company, G-Tech has been overwhelmed by no demand for his high end computers and software from China.

“Before the NSA revelations that they put spying software into all computer firmware, we were selling to all of China (1.4 billion people) , and now we sell absolutely shit all to the Chinese. Not even a goddamn USB cable. We estimate our loss of business to be in the region of $4.6 billion per year.”

How much have the NSA spies cost the whole U.S. tech industry?

Obama official, Fred Finkel, is not too bothered about the loss of business to the American economy.

“There can not be an estimate on the loss of business we have caused the U.S. tech industry. Hell, like trillions and trillions of dollars. The actual amount is incalculable but we’re really proud of our record for U.S. business. Thanks to us, the U.S. economy is going to lose hundreds of trillions of dollars. It’s all down to Obama and the NSA so Americans need to thank him for his great work in destroying the economy through spying. It’s all part of the plan that Obama set out when he came into power. The wholesale destruction of commerce, destruction of healthcare, destruction of rights, freedom and most of all destruction of everything that is American. That’s Obama’s job and he has done a great service. No terrorist in a million years could have damaged America more than Obama. Barry’s gonna be real sad when he leaves office. He loves the destruction, destroying America bit by bit, what fun, you know after the power goes, he might get a little crazy or something, maybe beat on Michael, give him a black eye, then again Mikey might fight back, he’s taller than Barry, jeez, it could get messy.”

Russia has already cancelled any business with America, as have most of South East Asia but there is even more good news on the horizon, er..

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