New Greek Word: OXI – Means ‘Bend Over’

ATHENS - Greece - Triumphantly humiliated Greeks are even changing their language to reflect EU sentiment towards their country, especially after the OXI vote.

“The Greek word, Oxi, used to mean ‘no’, but since our referendum we have a new meaning to the word — bend over,” Katsekoulis Manananakas, a linguistics professor from Athens university told Greek newspapers on Sunday.

Consequently, the cruel and harsh reality of the recent referendum supposedly held to decide the fate of the Greeks in the Eurozone, was wholly ineffectual, and possibly a diversionary tactic by the current party in charge, Syriza.

Whilst the low information Greek populace were celebrating the false Oxi referendum result, Tsipras and his adjutants were selling the populace down the river at a hugely knocked down price.

“You got to hand it to the Greeks, now they want to sign a deal with the EU that is a thousand times worse than before the sham referendum. Tsipras lied to his own people, and while they were dancing in the streets, he was talking on the phone to Brussels telling them he would sign anything. The deal he is going to sign willingly condemns Greeks to severe austerity until the year 2057. Not only that 50 Billion euros worth of Greek assets will be held by the EU until the term is up, and the Greek pensions will no longer be protected, as well as the islands and the free electricity scheme will be trashed. The Greeks also have to deal with another six months of capital controls from the banks, as well as a possible bail-in. Tsipras better be wearing a cup when he lands back in Greece, because they’re going to lynch the son of a bitch as soon as he gets off the plane,” an EU insider revealed.