Panama Wikileak: At Least Now We Know Where Some of the Greek EU Money Went

PANAMA - A massive leak of 11.5 million tax documents has exposed the secret offshore dealings of companies and individuals from Cyprus and Greece.

It’s not only the Cameron estate which benefits from avoiding taxation on their wealth. Investigative journalists have uncovered a massive treasure trove of information regarding Greece.

Cypriot and Greek ministers as well as businesses have been hiding their ill gotten gains from the EU in offshore accounts like Panama, and when the country went belly up in 2012 due to frittering away 350 Billion euros from the EU in less than two years, this is where the money went.

It is quite a find, and maybe some of these crooks who stole the money will be held accountable but it is highly unlikely knowing the unorganised multi-tiered bureaucratic hell that is the EU.

With news that the IMF is to force a Greek default one month after the UK’s EU referendum, somehow there does not seem to be any surprises left for the jaded.