Karl Marx Turning in His Grave Say Witnesses

LONDON - England - Visitors at Highgate cemetery were said to hear rustling sounds emanating from the grave of Karl Marx.


“Sometimes we heard rustling sounds as if someone was turning over, and then later the sound of spinning came from Marx’s grave. Here is a man who birthed the Communist Manifesto buried for eternity, spinning like a silk worm — why?”

The answer to the man’s question may possibly be revealed in Panama, where staunch communists like the Chinese President Xi Jinping and British EU Marxist David Cameron have subverted the true meaning of communism.

“David Cameron has been revealed to be a Marxist EU elitist with offshore bank accounts, along with communist Xi Jinping, they exemplify the ultimate hypocrisy of socialism and communism, a tool for the elite to cream off the goodies from the top while the people are subjected to tortuous poverty, and despair,” one man said before letting go a long frothing green lurgie string of spittle onto the sodden ground.