There is No Logic to Staying in the European Union

LONDON - England - There is no logical sense to vote to remain in a fractured, corrupt, sick European Union. This is why millions of people in Britain will vote to leave on June 23.

There is no point in sending £350 million per week to Brussels without recompense. This amounts to £19.1 Billion per year sent to the EU. This money could be better spent on the UK’s immediate needs like the NHS, schools, transport, housing, welfare, universities, science, technology.

EU regulations cost UK businesses £33.3 billion per year.

EU restrictions in trade stop businesses trading in other lucrative global markets.

EU renewable energy directives cost the UK £4.6billion, climate and energy directives cost £3.4billion and investment fund regulations cost £1.5billion.

The TTIP trade bill is being adopted by the EU, and if the UK remains in the EU it will effectively privatise the NHS killing it off once and for all.

The open border EU Schengen zone is a direct danger to the UK and lets in millions to Europe every year. Included in the migration are thousands of terrorists and criminals, who cannot be deported because of EU regulations.

Consumer prices in the UK are inflated by over 18% because of the EU.

Energy prices are artificially inflated by the EU for UK consumers.

There is little or no democracy in the EU, as the president, Jean Claude Juncker has even admitted publicly on 1 February 2015: “Il ne peut y avoir de choix démocratique contre les traités européens…” or in English There can be no democratic choice against the European treaties.”

Greece is set to implode again and is demanding a further 4 billion euros, on top of the 360 billion euros it already owes. The IMF has serious reservations to further debt for such a profligate nation. Who pays for Greece? EU taxpayers is the cold hard answer. A Wikileaks report reveals that Greece will be forced to default one month after the UK referendum.

Chancellor George Osborne admitted that the government would let in 3 million more migrants after the EU referendum.

Moody’s the well respected ratings agency has admitted that after Brexit global trade would open up and existing trade deals would be intact. There would be minimal shock much to the chagrin of the scaremongering Remain camp.

It is simply not logical to stay in a failing EU which will surely implode sooner than later. All the statistics and figures align themselves towards a comprehensive Brexit. The people are fed up, the civil servants are fed up, some in the government are fed up, the economists are fed up, and ultimately the EU is fed up and is accelerating its own demise.

We will Vote Leave on June 23 and there is nothing anyone can do about it.