Profligate Greeks the Poison Ordered Up by EU Idiots Too Blind to See

The EU already had warning about the profligate Greeks, a country of 11 million people who managed to squander 650 Billion Euros in less than five years. Where that money went is a mystery, but the EU is so entrenched in its failing project that even after the Greek spending spree they kept throwing billions of euros into the Greek black hole as it teetered on the edge of complete bankruptcy.

The Euroexecutives on their unlimited expense accounts are too fearful of rocking the boat, and if the problem of Greece had been dealt with in 2012, and the battered can not kicked down the road further, it wouldn’t rear its ugly head again and again, much like a Gorgon that refuses to die.

The most potent poison for the EU was always Greece, because it eats away resources that could be utilised better elsewhere. Trying to get the Greeks to not retire at 45 on a full salary pension is a task too great even for the IMF.

In 2012, the Squib wrote about the demise of the EU, and we prayed they would not throw out Greece, our prayers were answered as the EU scrambled to do anything to keep the most sclerotic country in the union. Even though in 2013 Greek debt was 175.1% of GDP, the EU kept pumping the 4 hour working day Greeks with so much cash they just didn’t know what to do with it but spend, spend, spend.

There is proof now that Greece is an eternal debt megafuck of ginormous proportions and the socialist structure of the country will always bleed large sums of money, coupled with corrupt ministers and businesses, there is no hope for Greece apart from maybe an implosion, exit from EU and a return to the drachma. We don’t want that though, we want Juncker to fawn over Tsipras or which ever useless leader they have. We want the EU to do everything it can possibly do to keep the Greek thorn in its side. To bleed the EU constantly until there is nothing left but a corpse, suppurating in the corner. If Greece leaves, the EU will have a chance of survival, this should never happen, may the corrupt profligate lazy parasitical Greeks smash the EU once and for all, saving Europe from the calamity of a German led Soviet bloc that is becoming increasingly authoritarian and is in effect a totalitarian collectivist Soviet construct.

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