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Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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George P Bush Next In Line For Idiots Crown?

WASHINGTON DC - USA - You would have thought that the Americans would have had enough of the Bush clan, well you would be wrong, here comes another one.

Bush Still Receiving Orders From Cheney

TEXAS - USA - Ex-president of the United States, George W Bush is still receiving orders from Dick Cheney, sources have disclosed.

Six-Year-Old Girl to Burn ‘My Pet Goat’ Book at Ground Zero...

NEW YORK - USA - Judie Belcher, 6, has vowed to ceremonially burn the same book that George W Bush was reading on the fateful day he did nothing whilst the Twin Towers were attacked by a covert agency.

Bush Returns to Arena With Six-Figure Memoir Book Deal

TEXAS - USA - George W. Bush returns to the public arena since leaving office 19 months ago with a memoir and some words of wisdom for those who buy the tell-all book.

Clinton Wants New Shirt From Bush

PORT AU PRINCE - Haiti - In what was supposed to be a show of solidarity in a devastated country, Bill Clinton and George W Bush have been reduced to bickering over trivial matters much to the embarrassment of their handlers.

Ex-Bush Admin Praises Afghan Obama Troops Stance

TEXAS - USA - All of the previous Bush administration have openly praised president Barack Obama's stance on sending more American troops to the unwinnable war in Afghanistan, a Pentagon report has said.

George W Bush Lost on Runaway Homemade Balloon

DENVER - Colorado - Ex-president, George W Bush led the US authorities on a wild chase yesterday when it was claimed he was inside a runaway hot air balloon but was still unaccounted for after it landed safely in a corn field.

Cheney and Bush to Personally Oversee Shoe-Thrower Hero’s Torture

TEXAS - USA - The Iraqi journalist who hurled his shoes at George Bush, gaining instant hero status in much of the Arab world, has today been sentenced to three years torture at the hands of Cheney and Bush.

Bush Exit Signals End of Israeli Blitzkrieg on Gaza

WASHINGTON DC - USA - As the white phosphorus burns the Palestinian civilians into unrecognisable black mush, George Bush leaves his post amongst some of the worst atrocities ever witnessed.

Tony Blair Visits Washington For Last Time

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Former Prime Minister, Tony Blair visited Washington for the last time to receive a final Presidential honour from George W Bush.

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