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Ex-Bush Admin Praises Afghan Obama Troops Stance

TEXAS - USA - All of the previous Bush administration have openly praised president Barack Obama's stance on sending more American troops to the unwinnable war in Afghanistan, a Pentagon report has said.

Bush administration denizens like Rummy, Rove and Cheney are all but smiles at Obama’s ‘Change’.

“During his electioneering, Barack was using the war against us, now he’s doing more war and sending more troops to their deaths for nothing. I got a big smile on my face right now because nothing ‘Changed’. Hell, I’d say it’s all the same, maybe worse. The only thing that ‘Changed’ is that we told you straight what we were doing, this guy doesn’t and he does the bad anyway. We’re still torturing those Muslim bastards too, heh, heh, heh,” Donald Rumsfeld, told Reuters yesterday.


Obama is now a symbol of the Republican war machine that was so prevalent during the dark years of the Bush administration.

“He’s sending more young American boys into the Afghan mountains to be mutilated by IED’s and VBIED’s. These poor bastards get about two months basic training then they step onto a mountain pass and have their goddamn legs blown off so that Barack Obama can lose an unwinnable war in a tribal land where even 160,000 Russkies could not win. What a liar Obama was during the election. We were duped people. He should be pulling troops out of that hellhole not putting more in,” a dismayed Obama voter from Washington DC told CBS news.

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  1. Bush’s war on terror has now become Obama’s. This means he’s slipped back into the same mind set that had plagued the Neocons and Blair here as their faithful servant. They still believe the war can be won in Afghanistan, because they have not imagination enough to realise what kind of forces are released when you attack people in their own countries. It’s just as if the Taliban had invaded the UK or the US, they ought to know. The only advantage the so-called coalition had is gone as well. Too many innocent civilians have been wantonly killed for the Afghans to believe any more that the Taliban were more dangerous.

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