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Sarah Palin Still Not Read Her Own Book

WASILLA - USA - The 2012 election hopeful, Sarah Palin, has spoken of her refusal to read her own book, which is now a major bestseller in the US.

“I haven’t had the time to read the book yet but I plan on reading it when hunting season is over,” Mrs Palin said from her cabin, deep in the tundra of Alaska.

Commentators are baffled as to how she wrote the book in the first place without actually reading it.

“Please correct me if I’m wrong but is she trying to write books the Katie Price, Jordan way? Obviously, there is something very wrong here, and Sarah Palin needs to address it,” Dan Cayman, a writer for the Chuffington Post said.

Sarah Palin is most notable for her vast worldly geographical knowledge and non-insular stance on the world forum.

“She knows where Russia is, so she can write a damn book for gods sake. Hell, I heard her talking about going to the country of Europe next week to promote Going Rogue. Sarah is not just a pretty face and a hot body, she’s got a brain to go with that too,” Willis T. Mandibal, her publicist told the New York Times on Tuesday.

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  1. You don’t have to get your book ghosted if you can write it yourself. And it’s a sign of genius that you don’t even need to read your first draft to know that you can make no mistakes, be it in geography or geopolitics. May we congratulate Sarah Palin? We all know there aren’t many writers who are able to perform so well.

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