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Nobel Peace Prize Winner Sends More Troops In

WASHINGTON DC - USA - This year's Nobel Peace Prize winner, president Barack Obama, is sending more than 30,000 troops to Afghanistan to continue the War of Terror.

“Barack Obama sure deserves his Nobel Peace Prize, huh? He’s sending more troops to Afghanistan,” Tatum Halstead, a political commentator on Capitol Hill told CNN.

It seems that George W Bush’s War of Terror is continuing unabated under the new regime of Change.

“Mr Obama doesn’t even have a valid birth certificate so how did you expect any word that he uttered to be true in any way? Just deal with it you idiot sheeple who voted for another liar,” a senior Pentagon official said at a recent press conference.

A Nobel Peace Prize spokesman speaking from Oslo, Norway said: “President Obama was chosen for the Nobel Peace Prize for this very reason. He’s going to continue the invasions, ransacking, indiscriminate bombings of innocent Muslims and mutilation of poor brainwashed American cannon fodder. What better way of peace can that be? It’s like shooting fish in a f*cking barrel. Someone once said to me that a war is when two sides actually fight with relative equal armaments, well this ain’t a war, these people that America invaded are sitting ducks ready for the slaughter. I love this sh*t man. Next year we’re going to give the Nobel Peace Prize to some other killer, or maybe Barack Obama again, he can have the prize two years in a row if he keeps up the bloodshed.”

President Obama’s press secretary, Ari Goldberg issued a quick statement: “We’re offering the Afghan people our new Healthcare system. This is when we shoot them dead in their homes thus saving them from life threatening illnesses. If that’s not worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize I don’t know what is?”

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  1. What has he done to earn the Nobel Prize? or was it that there were no other contestants so they had to give it to him.

    Dont get me wrong,I admire the man and I think he will achieve good things – given time – but heck .. it is sort of insulting past recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize by giving it to Obama

  2. What did you expect from someone who hasn’t even had any experience with what he is doing? His lack of enthuasism,his committedment to the troops,and his constant holding or cupping of his hands when he should be doing what ‘every American would be doing when he saw the killed soldiers there at Fort hood,Salute them?He doesn’t know americans, Anyone one that can’t see a teleprompter say we invented the automobile and not know this is inaccurate or the statement that the USA has 57 states? any 5th grader would know this.Now because of this slip he has shown where his knowledge lies?The Confedrate States Of ISLAM has 57 states?
    Sign the petition to force him to admit who he really is and what his agenda is?

  3. I’d like to hear some opinions as to what might happen if we just flat out pulled our military out of this hell hole and brought everyone home. Not over 2 years, but immediately. Now! Just stop the shooting, pack your bags, and get the hell out now!

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