Bush Returns to Arena With Six-Figure Memoir Book Deal

TEXAS - USA - George W. Bush returns to the public arena since leaving office 19 months ago with a memoir and some words of wisdom for those who buy the tell-all book.

The former
President of
the United States of America, George W. Bush, was commissioned to
write his memoirs last year despite not being able to read or write.

ex-president was offered a six-figure sum as an advance to complete the
tell-all tome. The book, published by Chimp Publishing Group, lays
out 13 major decisions by Mr. Rove and Cheney during his life and White House
tenure. Among them, according to several people who have seen the
manuscript: the destruction of the nation’s financial system,
enacting billions of dollars in tax cuts to the rich, limiting the use of education, research and science, and the decision to create the perpetual ‘War of Terror’.

The riveting read will expose the inner workings of the ex-president and his cabal of White House aides over the years.

book will form the centrepiece to his term in office and will also be
utilised in American schools along with other presidential favourites
like “My Pet Goat”.

The memoirs will also come with a set of black and white crayons and will signify Mr Bush’s limited worldview.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Being a Complete Idiot by
George W Bush will be published by CHIMP PUBLISHING on November 13 2010. Pre-Order your copy at Amazon.com or any decent book retailer now.

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