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Fall of Saigon: “Silence of the West as ISIS Advances on...

BAGHDAD - Iraq - Saigon, April 30 1975, the Hueys overburdened, perched upon tall buildings lifting off as desperate Vietnamese civilians and former workers hang on, a scene soon to be repeated.

Tony Blair: “I Have Accomplished More Than I wished For as...

LONDON - England - Former Prime Minister of Britain, Tony Blair has a smile on his face as he leaves the offices for the last time of the Quartet as Middle East Peace envoy.

Iraq: Mission Accomplished

THE HAGUE - Netherlands - Two former heads of state were today celebrating their success in Iraq by visiting the International War Crimes court in the Hague.

What Bush Took Obama Gave Away

TIKRIT - Iraq - What George W. Bush took away, Barack Hussein Obama kindly gave away.

Iraq Vichy Government on Tenuous Ground Says History

MOSUL - Iraq - The American installed president Maliki knows all too well that his Vichy government is on tender hooks, as Iraq's second largest city falls to Sunni factions.

George W. Bush: “But..but, there are no WMDs in Ukraine!”

TEXAS - USA - George W. Bush, the former president of the United States has spoken against the Russian invasion of the Crimea, Ukraine.

George W Bush to Visit Al Qaeda Controlled Fallujah

TEXAS - USA - Former U.S. president George W Bush is going to visit the Iraqi city of Fallujah which is now under Al Qaeda control as is much of Iraq.

George W Bush Now Working As Clown in Travelling Circus

TEXAS - USA - Former president of the United States, George W. Bush has run off from home and is now a clown in a travelling circus his wife has revealed.

Dubya Wasn’t So Bad After All

TEXAS - USA - Even some Democrats are coming to the awkward conclusion that George W. Bush wasn't so bad after all. At least you could get a few laughs from his crazy antics.

What Do George W. Bush’s Paintings Mean?

TEXAS - USA - Art critics and gallery owners all over the world are coming together to discuss the paintings that former U.S. president, George W. Bush has been doing recently.

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