Fall of Saigon: “Silence of the West as ISIS Advances on Baghdad”

BAGHDAD - Iraq - Saigon, April 30 1975, the Hueys overburdened, perched upon tall buildings lifting off as desperate Vietnamese civilians and former workers hang on, a scene soon to be repeated.


And so we come to Baghdad, 2015, with columns of ISIS warriors converging on the capital city of Iraq, once a stronghold for the U.S. conquering army, now policed by a Vichy army of fleeing cowards in the face of imminent death at the hands of crazed jihadists.

How long can the silence last for? The insipid useless drone and air bombing is ineffectual without boots on the ground, and as the Islamists plunder the priceless antiquities and historical monuments that denote ancient human civilisation, the modern civilisation prefers to discuss the latest phone apps or how broken up they are that some insignificant boy band have disbanded.


George W. Bush and his counterpart, Tony Blair precipitated the world’s worst modern tragedy, and the current president, Barack Obama exacerbated the situation with his apathy and disdain, compounded with his lazy cowardice.

The Green Zone, a so-called safe haven may soon be called the Red Zone as the mutilated bodies cover the ground bathed in globules of crimson blood.

The horror, the horror, the horror

This is what we call Freedom for the Iraqi people, as George W. Bush sits down in his comfortable ranch munching on Freedom Fries, he will smile and think of the millions of people who have died and suffered because of his actions. But that’s okay, if you kill millions you are a war hero, the crushed bones, desecrated corpses of children, the depleted uranium babies emerging from the fucked up Iraqi mothers’ wombs, their misery and suffering is joyous to Americans. To see suffering and death is the American dream, to kill for fun and profit from afar, to not have a conscience or even a mere thought as the inherently evil Americans plunder the earth of its resources and water their chem lawns whilst barbecuing spare ribs and chugging Schlitz beer.

Tony Blair Iraqi Child

America uses up 70% of the world’s resources yet only comprises 5% of the world’s population. One day, the universe and world will bring some serious pay back to the torture it has endured at the hands of the parasitic destructive U.S.A, and the earth will finally be able to rest. Recovery may take thousands of years but what’s a few thousand here or there, when we’re talking earth seconds.