Echelon: The Energy Will Disperse Soon

LONDON - England - The Echelon think tank describes the urgency in solving the world's overpopulation problem that may soon culminate in the total destruction of the planet's resources.

Sentinels, moored atop the mountains of ethereal reality, denizens of the deep who languish within the astral forests of azure and grey temples all know what is coming.

The maya, the illusion of reality, the earth’s lines of vibration in tune with universal planetary movements all work in relation to your human genetic DNA receptors, your electrical magnetic impulses and vibrations that transmit and receive signals.

If you are in tune with these signals you will know that something has changed, your subconscious sees everything and feels totality, as your conscious mind edits what it wants to see even though it knows full well that something is very wrong.

Your perception of reality is but a pin in a universal macrocosm, an atom residing in eternal microcosmic knowledge, a lucid mathematical algorithm that is indecipherable because it is so immense and chaotic holding so many contradictions and paradoxes within infinite moving configurations; organic, moulding to interlaced strings and vertices of quantum interpolations.

Rationalising what is about to happen is futile, for the waves of the energy released will cloud the mind, as they have been doing for many for the past months. To find clarity, there should be synthesis in all external and internal stimuli.

In nothingness is everything. Your man-made religions cannot prepare you for what you are about to witness with your own eyes, the cortex of your brain stem will deny reality, you will try to rationalise, you will try to normalise as your conditioning and programming by society has taught you, but to no avail.

The world’s cyclical time line has once again reached its zenith. Those who are living in darkness, who are glued to their smart-control-phones will not know anything, this is because they are programmed to be blind, to have no understanding or connection to truth.

The Nepalese earthquake was a small reminder that the human ephemera are but tiny droplets in the sacred ocean; what the humans have done to this planet, soiled it, dug it up, desecrated its beauty irreparably is a sacrilegious tragedy. Still, the population increases daily, ignorant in the minds of many, as they are too busy with their daily routines dictated to them by their respective societies; the unfettered human breeding creates misery, suffering and depletion of the earth’s finite resources unless a solution materialises soon it will be too late.