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Psychologists: Feminism is Lesbianism

NEW JERSEY - USA - Professor Germaine Leer, head of the Socio-Psychological department at Princeton University has revealed some of her findings in a new book about modern feminism in the 21st century.

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“You cannot be a feminist and not be a lesbian, because the sensual nature and political creed of feminism is a sapphic rite of passage within the confines of the sisterhood of female sexuality.

“Third wave feminism is devoutly lesbian in nature, and women who espouse the tenets of equality and overbearing militancy over men are equally lesbian. To be equal to a man or deem yourself better than a man is lesbianism through and through and is totally feminist.

“Does being a feminist, even a mild feminist or radical feminist have any distinction in lesbianism? No, there is little distinction simply because the ideological and political power play over male masculinity makes a woman an inherent lesbian, eventually culminating in sexual and emotional congress with the same sex. Every human action has a sexual root, and feminism is one that encompasses female to female sexuality within politics, ideology and all social strata.

“Feminism is beautiful, sensual and erotic, because it involves women coming together as the divine female form of undulating sexual congress. Women who are straight, cannot be called feminists even if they proclaim they are because they have not fully rejected men as a feminist has done.

“The Western feminist movement works in conjunction to the division of the sexes and is complicit with hierarchical led elements of population control.

“What of the masculine? Well, because femilesbianism is being pushed by celebrities, media and politics, as well as education, there will naturally be less women available to men. This is why if you are male and wish to have natural relations with a woman, you will probably have to move outside the Western nations to the developing world where there are still females who are useful to men as nature and biology intended. Within the next two or three decades, women in the West will be further programmed to embrace lesbianism/feminism fully, thus precipitating the total collapse of natural human society previously embraced for thousands of years.”


Professor Leer’s book ‘Femilesbianism’ will be released on July 14, 2015, available in all good book shops and online retail stores.

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  1. As a feminist I have had some lesbian experiences but not all women or feminists do. Obviously I would say that real feminisits sleep with women because we detest men and those women who say theyre feminists have got a serious problem if they even go and touch men let alone sleep with them and their slimy dicks.

  2. a woman demanding education is a lesbian or a woman want productive right is a lesbian SMH. what woman is not a lesbian then?! I wonder if you know what the word feminist means.

      • feminism doesn’t mean lesbianism. a feminist can be a lesbian, straight, bi or whatever. feminism is not restrictive to sexual orientation or gender. there is a difference between feminism and man hating if you didn’t know.

        • “there is a difference between feminism and man hating if you didn’t know.”

          That’s where your wrong sista. I’m talking about feminism as a form of empowerement from men. Feminists who sleep with men okay thats your choice but it ain’t the choice of the REAL sisterhood. You sound like your from the Third World. Over there women are subjugated by men every day. In the West women are moving away from men and we dont want anything to do with them sexually or morally.

          • Your insecure name-calling matches the fact that you don’t even know the difference between “your” & “you’re”.

          • How about a compromise? Like, a genetically induced 2 to 1 female to male ratio? Keep half of us around for laughs, we won’t bug you at all, as long as you take out the right half *cough conservatives cough*.

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