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Dubya Wasn’t So Bad After All

TEXAS - USA - Even some Democrats are coming to the awkward conclusion that George W. Bush wasn't so bad after all. At least you could get a few laughs from his crazy antics.

“I miss George W. Bush because at least you knew where you stood with him. With this Obamo guy, he’s a two faced liar who is cooking the books behind the scenes. Bush was a mass murdering dumbass, but we all knew that and I think he knew that too. He didn’t pretend to be anything else. Obamo is a yella lyin’ mass murdering coward who has more faces than a three way mirror. Bring back Bush I say,” a Democrat voter told CNN yesterday.

The disenchantment with president Obama is so troublesome to the president’s office that they are now in emergency mode.

“When George W. Bush is more popular than Obama, you know something is seriously wrong. I mean we got alarm bells going off here and no one is frickin’ doing anything,” a Democrat campaigner revealed today from Capitol Hill.

Obama went from walking on water to something that resembles a dog mess on your shoe.

“The president is shrinking. Every day he is revealed to be an idiot, a liar with no integrity and a downright fake. How long can this moron hide behind his teleprompter?” another ex-Democrat voter revealed.

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