What Bush Took Obama Gave Away

TIKRIT - Iraq - What George W. Bush took away, Barack Hussein Obama kindly gave away.

“It is with great generosity that Obama has given back Iraq to its people. We thank you. May Allah bless you Barack Hussein, you have taught that dog Bush a lesson. He was only fit for a shoe, you on the other hand are our brother. I send you a thousand blessings,” a radicalised Islamist from Luton, England now fighting in Tikrit told Iraqi news agencies.

The streets of Mosul and Tikrit were today filled with joyous chanting and bullet fire as Iraqis in the region celebrated with more beheadings.

Meanwhile in Mosul, fighters seized a bank looting  $429 million of cash, making them the richest Jihadis on earth.

“We’re thinking of sending a thank you letter to Washington. I’m so happy right now, I got some gold bars, my AK and road map to Baghdad,” a multi millionaire rebel said from his Mercedes.

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