Turkey Surprise Waiting on Kirkuk Oil Reserves

KIRKUK - Iraq - You'd think it's Christmas all over again, and the Turks in Turkey could soon be revelling in oil rich Kirkuk.


The Iraqi City of Kirkuk is the oil rich powerhouse currently held by the Kurds who are a further threat to Turkey.

“Get the Turkey on the table, we have a golden opportunity now to elevate our oil holdings by 10,000%. One thing Turkey does not have is oil, if we take Kirkuk, then we won’t just have kebabs, but we’ll have oil and kebabs. Now that’s an unbeatable combination right there,” Turkey’s oil Minister, Abdullah Akdeniz, told Turkish news.

Free For All

The Isis rebels also kidnapped eighty Turkish diplomats and staff on Wednesday, so this is further impetus for Turkey to act. The Turks were forbidden from taking Kirkuk during the second Gulf war by the U.S., but the time is now as this opportunity will not last for long. The bankrupt Americans are on a seemingly permanent vacation and are dithering whilst the spoils of their wars burn.

The Turkey is now firmly in the oven, and if it gets roasted too much, it may need some more oil over the top, like barrels of the stuff.