South Americans Delight in Obama Amnesty

ARIZONA - USA - Millions of poor South Americans are being welcomed with open arms into the United States thanks to an Obama Amnesty on Immigration.


The thousands pouring over the border every hour are being greeted with free housing, Obamaphones, and free health care thanks to Obama’s generosity.

“We got food for all y’all, anything you want. Go tell all your other poor friends, family, banditos anyone. You all can come here, it’s the land of dreams. You get a house, food, free health care, and safety,” a U.S. border guard told a group of 8,000 children streaming over the Arizona border.

Opening the borders of America means Obama has brought unity to the North and South American continent.

The president, who was attending a luncheon at the White House today praised the progress in his open border policy.

“I was on the phone to Zuckerberg and I said, we need to open the borders show some Obamalove. There is now no border in the United States. This is progress and will be good for America because we’re flooding the country with even more poor people. But, that’s okay because the U.S. taxpayer can pay for them all, as long as everyone’s paying their Obamacare taxes, we do not have a problem. You should all be happy about my love for everyone in South America and Mexico. You are all welcome. I love you all.”