Iraq Vichy Government on Tenuous Ground Says History

MOSUL - Iraq - The American installed president Maliki knows all too well that his Vichy government is on tender hooks, as Iraq's second largest city falls to Sunni factions.

Just like the Nazis installed the Vichy government in WW2 France, with the tenets of “Travail, famille, patrie” the Iraqis surrendered to the American conquistadors consorting with the de facto enemy.

History thus dictates that as Saigon fell, so will Baghdad be repatriated to its original owners.

Invading governments need to appreciate that unless they cleanse a whole nation completely after invasion, thousands of years of original rule cannot be erased in one instant. There will always be factions of the original status quo fighting to reclaim ownership of ‘their’ land.

Mosul has fallen, as has Falluja, slowly but surely the mass will gravitate towards Baghdad, and soon take that as well. If one needs a picture, imagine the evacuation of Saigon, with Hueys perched on top of tall buildings and desperate people scrambling up ladders to grab onto the landing gear as the choppers already fully laden lift off into air.

Obama’s Laissez Faire foreign policy is of course partly to blame, however, one must not discount the all too probable modus operandi at work where chaos can be made to work for certain factions within the global consortium.

Kabul, Cairo, Kiev, Baghdad, Tripoli, are all existing assets of the United States, but for how much longer?

World War III started a long time ago, but the general populace are only now starting to see little conflicts flaring up globally, eventually, the sleeping masses may wake up as all the little bursts of energy become one large burst.

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