Iraq: Obama May Get Second Nobel Peace Prize After Fall of Mosul

OSLO - Norway - The fall of Iraq's second largest city to Al Qaeda fighters has precipitated calls for President Obama to get a second Nobel Peace Prize.

President Obama is tipped to get his second Nobel Peace prize for the fall of Mosul by Al Qaeda fighters in Iraq, Henry Drawber, a Nobel Peace prize judge revealed today.

“Mosul, is Iraq’s second largest city, home to one million people, and it was overrun by Al Qaeda today. With Obama giving up half of Ukraine, and now Iraq, we definitely think he’s up for the peace prize. I’m going to smoke that fat joint  Obama sent over from America, where he is the chief dealer now.”

Since president Obama’s inauguration the world has seen less war, less economic hardship and more war within the fake resurgence in the global economy.

The president won his first Nobel Peace prize because…