London Cabbies Sing Uber Alles

LONDON - England - Black cabs are now an endangered species, as their profiteering monopoly is diminished by Uber.

Fed up of being charged £50 to go a few yards in a London cab? Well the new app Uber has come to the rescue with millions of Londoners using its service to get better, cheaper transport, much to the chagrin of the bloated London cabbies raking in vast fortunes in their black cabs.

The London cabbie is a curious creature, they have a monopoly on making huge profits from anyone who gets in one of their public carriages and live the life of Riley, but not for long.

“That’ll be £89 mate,” a London cabbie told a tourist after making a journey from Leicester Square to Covent Garden.

As tube train drivers earn in excess of £60,000 per annum, so too will the overpaid London cabbies one day get their comeuppance for fleecing the public with their rip off scam.

Plans are already underfoot to replace underground trains with automated systems eradicating the cost of paying the drivers, which will no doubt reduce the insane ticket prices on the tube, the union strikes and the cost of pensions.

The future will be automated for London cabs too, as Google cars and their like take over, replaced by driverless cabs controlled by central control centres, reducing the costs for the end user.