Daily Squib Hidden Cash Competition Update

LONDON - England - The Daily Squib newspaper is presenting a golden opportunity for one lucky person to find a massive stash of cash somewhere in the world.


We’re hiding a stash of hidden cash somewhere for a lucky winner to find.

We will give you a few clues so you can be sure to find that golden pot of cash.

Just think of the things you could do with all that money, buy an apartment in Kensington, take a once in a lifetime trip around the world, buy a mansion in Mustique or even squander it away on parties booze and drugs. The choice is yours, and yours alone.

The stash will be well hidden so you may need to do some detective work to find it.

Okay, here are the really, really easy golden clues.

– The big bag of money is somewhere very high up.

– You might need sherpas to help you on your journey.

– Lukla

– 27.9881° N, 86.9253° E


Good luck, you will need it.