Bush Exit Signals End of Israeli Blitzkrieg on Gaza

WASHINGTON DC - USA - As the white phosphorus burns the Palestinian civilians into unrecognisable black mush, George Bush leaves his post amongst some of the worst atrocities ever witnessed.

George W Bush had a wry smile on his face on Friday after being presented with a framed picture of a Palestinian child horribly burned and disfigured by the Israeli onslaught on Gaza.

Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni was on hand to present the framed picture to president Bush personally at a special ceremony on Friday.

Under Bush’s rule the Israelis have had a field day to engage in their genocidal bloodbath and as a token of their gratitude they presented the outgoing president with a gift that he will cherish in his torture room in Texas.

“The president always likes to keep mementos of his atrocities upon the human populace. He has a pair of electrodes that he kept from Abu Ghraib, a waterboard from Gitmo, a depleted uranium baby from Iraq and a few photographs of Palestinian children burnt to crisps by Israel’s illegal use of white phosphorus and genocide,” Tzipi Livni told Ha’aretz.

It seems New Years celebrations in Israel ran late this year with the extended fireworks display.

“White phosphorus burns everything within the vicinity. It is like napalm but worse because it sticks to flesh and cannot be taken off when it is burning at very high temperatures. We bombed the UN building with white phosphorus shells and incinerated about 700 Palestinian untermensch women and children. The good thing about this is that there is no trace left of the atrocity for anyone to report — not that we have allowed any International reporters into the killing zone,” Major Hashmesh, an IDF commander was delighted to report on the 22nd day of the rout.

The Gaza ghetto was created by the state of Israel to keep undesirables off the now occupied territory of Palestine. There are vast similarities to the ghettos of the Polish Jews who were forced to move into a region of the capital city of Warsaw. The Germans built a wall around that area of the city and referred to it as the Warsaw Ghetto. Some of the Jews organized and armed themselves to fight the Germans and there was a uprising, which the Germans easily squelched. Later, the Jews in the Ghetto were herded up and shipped off to a concentration camps for extermination.

Meanwhile a Palestinian firework was reported to have crashed into the southern occupied territory of Israel and damaged Eli Horovitz’s BBQ stand in his back yard.

“I was sitting here with my family when a tiny Palestinian stick rocket came over my garden fence and plopped onto my BBQ stand. There was an almighty bang and all my kashrut pork sausages flew up into the air. This is a disgrace, I hope our military murders more Palestinians in cold blood for wanting their lands back. My next door neighbour’s house was hit last week, Mr Liebowitz had his luxury games room slightly damaged as well. When will this madness end?”

The Israeli Blitzkrieg is now having to be rushed because of the inauguration of Barack Obama.

“We have not completed all of our extermination goals yet and now that Bush the ‘Butcher of Washington’ has left, we will have to curtail our genocide. This is a terrible tragedy for Israel,” Foreign Minister Livni told Reuters.

  • analyst

    So what has happened to the so-called Human Rights groups ?

  • Beth

    Israel equals sadists on equal level as German Nazis in Second World War.

  • G.D.

    I am ashamed for Israel. The people in charge there have sunk so low that I just cannot hide my revulsion for them. I am usually very equal sided person but what they have done to those people who had nothing anyway is disgusting. Noone helped those people one bit. The Arabs are scared and do nothing the world just watches and says nothing and does noting. 2009 was strangled and hijacked by Israeli monsters intent on massacre and destruction an evil spawned into our TV networks by these killers and murderers

  • Innocent

    There is no justification for what Israel has done.

    They have certainly created more hatred for themselves in the long run.

  • Sean

    Happy New Year to all!

  • Lofty

    Israel just announced a ceasefire. Wow as always the Squib was ahead of the game.

    Keep up the great work.

  • Lech tiezdayen

    The arab cowards are staying silent in their dog houses because they have seen the MIGHT OF ISRAEL! We do not mess around folks you have seen our wrath, you have seen what we can do to you. This is why the stupid arab tisaref B’ azazel. Stay in your dog houses and lick your asses!

  • Jon Benjamin

    George Bush has done so much for Israel and he is going to be a great loss for our nation which is surrounded by people who want us dead. Sham on you for writing this lies. Israel would never use White Phospherous and also we never attacked the UN. These are all antisemitic lies from the Israel haters who wish to smear our nation with their lies and half truths. Get your facts right first before spreading youre propoganda.