Labour Open Door Policy Responsible For Manchester Carnage

MANCHESTER - England - Under Labour's regime, over 3 million migrants entered Britain, increasing threats of terrorism and crime.

Thanks to Tony Blair’s open door policy where over 3 million people entered Britain with little or no checks under the Labour government, the cat is already out of the bag. Little or nothing can be done about the daily reports of terrorist carnage, whether homegrown or from abroad.

More unfettered migration, death and mayhem will come if you vote for Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn. Controlled migration is okay, as is multiculturism that is controlled and moderated. Corbyn espouses the exact opposite.

On June 8, people are being cajoled into voting for Corbyn by the use of bountiful election bribes and benefit payment promises that have no standing in economic reality, but some low-information voters may fall for the tricks.

Do not vote for Jeremy Corbyn, his election promise is to let in as many more people as he can, and this unlimited number will surely tip the boat over creating large instances of civil unrest, terrorism and more terrorism.

Think about the mangled corpses of the children in the foyer of the music venue in Manchester when you are at the ballot box, because Corbyn does not care for your children, as Tony Blair never did. In fact, their policies and election promises reveal the opposite, other children from other countries are preferred over British children by the Labour government, where the word ‘British‘ is frowned upon, and spat out in vile disregard.


Not only do Jeremy Corbyn’s policies spit at any form of Britishness, but they defile the memories of the long gone war dead who fought for Britain’s freedom in World War II and are a threat to the country’s national security.

A vote for Corbyn’s Marxist Labour policies is a vote for a Venezuela in Britain. For poverty to be extended through benefits the government and taxpayer cannot afford to pay out, for a rise in population where the green belt is bulldozed and large grey socialist tenements are built blighting the once English lush countryside forever. Once it’s gone, it’s gone, and it will never come back.

The terrorists will have a holiday under Corbyn rule, simply because Corbyn supports terrorism. Wherever you go in Britain will not be safe any more, a land targeted by the terrorists for the easy lacklustre manner of Jeremy Corbyn. They will laugh in his face and take him for a ride, they will bomb, and bomb away, as he offers them a cup of tea and some biscuits.

Your Labour vote is for more mangled corpses splattered on the floor of a children’s pop concert. You should be fucking ashamed of yourself if you even dare to vote Labour ever again.

Britain must never forget what Labour did to Britain under Blair and Brown. Never forget.