Experts: No Ground War – No End to Terror – Military Draft Necessary

MANCHESTER - England - The continued terrorist activity in Britain and the rest of the civilised world will never end unless there is a full ground war and onslaught on the regimes and factions that support terrorists like ISIS.


The terrorist who exploded a nail bomb at a concert packed with little girls last night was well known to the police and MI5, as was the individual who attacked parliament last month. Therefore, in the interests of public safety, it is not good enough to monitor known threats to the public, but to detain these individuals indefinitely.

Unfortunately, because of the EU open border Schengen system, many returning Jihadis from the war zones of Syria have returned to their Western European places of abode, and they have been told to inflict damage on the population by their ISIS commanders and media. This can be circumnavigated by adopting proper procedures at points of entry, where these known Jihadis are detained indefinitely on arrival.

The UK, and USA must lead in the fight, and the only way to stop the violence is unfortunately through total violence against those who wish harm on the West purely based on an ideology that is skewed and immovable.

By mobilising troops, and the totality of naval plus air forces onto Syria, the cleansing of the area could be completed within months with the correct troop numbers. There may have to be a draft in the UK, and USA, which would bolster the current troop numbers including reserves. The key point to note is that the regime of Assad would end, and ISIS as well as the numerous other factions would be removed indefinitely.


It is interesting to see Donald Trump visiting the Wahabi state of Saudi Arabia and bowing to the royal family, when much of the ideology, monetary support and belief system for ISIS comes from that country.

It is yet unclear which member states are the key funders of ISIS also giving them weapon support, and intelligence. One must first look at who benefits from this terror group, cui bono? On the ground, ISIS are murdering more Muslims than any other group, of these mainly Shias bear the brunt. The Shias in Syria are supported by Iran and Russia, and the Sunnis by mainly the Gulf states and possibly Israeli clandestine operations, but that is pure speculation. The key to Syria is Iran, and the power play here also extends to Turkey, which as a crucial point in the geo-political territorial game is a very powerful player.

This is where the quandary lies, by defeating ISIS completely, the West plays into the hands of Iran and Russia, who will extend their territorial advantage over Syria and Iraq. To not defeat ISIS and carry on arming them as the previous U.S. president was doing, only buys time in an increasingly volatile situation. Therefore, the only real course of action is to defeat not only the Iranian backed insurgents, to annihilate Assad, and to destroy ISIS completely, whilst hoping that Russia/Iran backs away, which is highly unlikely.

If everything is put on the ground right now, including a population of drafted military personnel from the ages of 18-35, the problem could be solved relatively quickly. It is now up to the leaders of Western nations to either kick the can further down the road, and continue to be bombarded by terrorists, and their cities drowned by fleeing refugees from war zones, or to end the conflict once and for all.

The play is up to you, and only you can make the key decisions, but until that time, the terrorist atrocities and attacks will continue on a weekly, monthly basis. No musical venue, no public place or sports stadium will be safe.

The advantages of mobilising a vast ground war is that the defence industry and economy will also find a massive boost. The military draft is the only answer to this problem and must be administered immediately.


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