Innocent Civilians Killed By IRA as Jeremy Corbyn Laughed

LONDON - England - Anyone who votes for Jeremy Corbyn is not only supporting a vile radical who cheers on the deaths of women and children but a terrorist sympathiser who collaborated with the IRA during their reign of terror on British soil.


Corbyn is an enabler, and a communist who gladly cheers on the deaths of innocent people for his political gain, this is why if you vote for him, you are as much a scumbag as he is.

In the 1980s, Jeremy Corbyn was heavily involved with London Labour Briefing – a hard-left magazine which celebrated the Brighton bomb and joked about the death of Conservative MPs.

There is evidence that Mr Corbyn was involved in the magazine, which praised the bomb designed to kill Margaret Thatcher in an article that read: “The British only sit up and take notice [of Ireland] when they are bombed into it” and “What do you call four dead Tories? A start”.

The MI5 have whole dossiers on Jeremy Corbyn, as he is viewed as an insurgent and terrorist collaborator as well as  an extremist.

The evil of Corbyn does not stop at his refusal to condemn IRA bombings, but his nonchalance at the deaths of women and children during the troubles.

Even, Diane Abbott, the shadow home secretary, declared her support for the IRA and claimed “every defeat of the British state is a victory for all of us”.

Where was Corbyn during the 1998 Omagh IRA bombing, which killed 29 people (including a woman pregnant with twins) as well as injuring some 220 others?

Where was Corbyn during the Hyde Park and Regent’s Park bombings on 20 July 1982 in London? Where the terrorists of the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) detonated two bombs during British military ceremonies in Hyde Park and Regent’s Park.

Hyde Park IRA bombing, 1982

The explosions killed 11 military personnel: four soldiers of the Blues & Royals at Hyde Park, and seven bandsmen of the Royal Green Jackets at Regent’s Park. Seven of the Blues & Royals’ horses also died in the attack.

Jeremy Corbyn was laughing in the pub. He was most probably in the pub with his terrorist friends celebrating the deaths of the innocent people in the bombs.

corbyn press cut IRA


You want to vote for Jeremy Corbyn and his ridiculous flawed election bribes which will create another mountain of unpayable debt. Fuck you, if you vote for that scum, you are worthless, a coward who revels in the deaths of innocent women and children, and a traitor who will bring this country into economic hell once again under Labour.

A vote for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party is a vote for terrorism, lies and champagne socialist hypocrisy. You are obviously an ignorant communist following terrorist sympathiser to vote for Corbyn. You should hang your head in shame at being duped into such insanity.

Manchester IRA bomb, 1996
Manchester IRA bomb, 1996

A vote for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party is a vote for dead British babies lying on the pavement, dismembered by IRA nail bombs, their guts spewed over their dead mothers, and their flesh torn apart.

You can either wake up now, and smell the coffee from the vantage point of your sheer ignorance in following this dangerous evil man, or you can carry on in your brainwashed manner as the electoral bribes carry on daily from a party that supports terrorism.

It is your choice.