Tin Foil Hat Corbynistas: “Theresa May Set Up Manchester Bombing”

LONDON - England - The conspiracy theorist communist Corbyn supporters are now saying that the Conservative PM Mrs. May set up the Manchester bombing where 22 people were killed by a suicide bomber.


Many of these vile theories are being bandied around on twitter by Corbyn supporters, who are frankly deranged in their despicable, thoughtless conspiracies, especially in a time of mourning for the dead.

One Corbyn supporter said: “Theresa May arranged MI5 to let the suicide bomber go ahead with the bombing so it will bring support to the Tory scum government.”

Another deranged maniac, and Corbyn supporter said: “Tory scum committed the bombing and planted the evidence on site. They want to change the election when we were winning.”

Thankfully the tweets were removed after much outrage from other more sane twitter readers.

However, this episode does throw some light into the type of people who are supporting Jeremy Corbyn, they are maniacal, deranged with low IQs, and are not only staunch Marxist communists but pathetic losers of the worst kind.

As for the likes of Tina Buckley, a Corbyn agitator and activist, her calling Theresa May a terrorist is quite hypocritical as it is her master Jeremy Corbyn, who supports Hamas and the IRA. If you vote for Jeremy Corbyn, you are clinically insane.