EXODUS: Where to Go If High Tax Jeremy Corbyn Wins Election?

LONDON - England - Under the regime of Jeremy Corbyn's Marxist Collectivist Soviet rule, Britain would have the highest taxes in the Western world.

The watered down version of Anarcho-Communist ideology that Corbyn adheres to essentially will mean the abolition of private property for all and common ownership of the means of production.

Essentially under the Corbyn Sovietized regime, Britain would become a communist state where a network of voluntary associations and workers’ councils with production and consumption based on the guiding principle: “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need” would rule.

The Royal family would be abolished within the second or third year of the Corbyn Ten Year Plan. The process of de-funding the royal purse will commence slowly and almost unseen to the public, until legislation will be passed to completely de-fund the royal family in its entirety. All royal palaces and property will become property of the state, and deemed for the people.

Faced with tax bills of over 90% for the wealthy, many will leave these shores and take their wealth elsewhere. The time to start planning for this is now as the Labour party is already 5 points within the Conservatives according to recent polls. The brain drain will leave Britain without doctors, surgeons, scientists, and all other professional class, as well as entrepreneurial business.

The assumption that Labour will raise funds by taxing the rich within an inch of their lives is absolutely ridiculous, as many will go offshore to preserve their wealth. How is Corbyn going to fund his ‘free everything for everyone’ society when the majority of wealth moves out of the UK? All foreign investment into the UK will also cease as many are deterred by the inhibitive taxation system of the Labour government.

The mass exodus, and brain drain out of Britain will leave only the poor and struggling middle classes who will then be pulled into welfare poverty by the ever increasing tax demands of the welfare state.

soviet queue
Queuing for a Soviet piece of bread

Labour’s ridiculous plans for tax hikes aimed at top earners and businesses will “not raise anything like” the £48.6 billion claimed and their proposals could turn out to be “economically damaging”, the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has warned.

Britain is already suffering under a deficit of £1.2 Trillion, which was incurred by the Labour governments of Brown and Blair. With further budget black holes, funding for the NHS and crucial elements like schools, prisons, utilities will be non existent.

Soviet housing will make every Briton equal

Many will flee a Corbyn Britain of misery, no hope, civil unrest, mass poverty, violence and hardship. Do you want to bring your kids up in a country where there will be little or no police on the streets, no safety, no aspiration, no hope for the future, a bleak soviet landscape of grey damp rat infested concrete blocks crammed with millions of people?

A Corbyn Britain will be a dark place where many would rather kill themselves or leave forever rather than live another day in the communist hell where every part of your life is dictated to you by the state, where your every penny is snatched out of your pocket to fund some utopian dream that has never been realised in human history.

If you own any sort of property, business or wealth…start thinking about leaving right now before it is too late. Unfortunately, the insipid Tory election campaign has given Britain’s communists a huge leap in the polls, endangering the safety of the nation.


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