General Election: Jeremy Corbyn Vows to ‘Overturn the Rigged System’

LONDON - England - Supreme Comrade and Soviet Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has vowed to "overturn the rigged system" by putting power and wealth back in the hands of "the people".

In his first major general election speech, he said 8 June’s poll was not a “foregone conclusion” and Labour could defy the “Establishment experts”.

A Soviet Labour government would not “play by their rules,” he added.

No more elections once Labour in power

“We would also change election rules once Labour is back in power. Once we win, there will be no more need for elections in Soviet Britain ever again. This election could therefore be the last ever election you see in your lifetime,” Corbyn stressed.

The biased leftist BBC is fully behind Corbyn’s bid to thwart Theresa May’s hope to convert the Tories’ double digit poll lead into a bigger Commons majority.

Corbyn’s Labour government would halt Brexit and stop Theresa May strengthening her hand in Brexit negotiations providing the “strong and stable leadership” the country needs.

Instead, the majority Labour Remoaners would seek to fully reverse any notions of leaving the European Union and renegotiate with Brussels on full implementation into stronger EU union.


Bolshevik Revolution

The Labour leader looks set to run an anti-bourgeoisie campaign, presenting himself as a champion of the powerless proletariat against political and business culture.

He attacked the “morally bankrupt” Conservatives who he said would not stand up to those who seek wealth from hard work and other members of a “gilded elite,” who were extracting wealth “from the unfortunate circumstances of ordinary unemployed and unemployable people” who are the root of Labour’s voting underclass.

Labour would “end this racket” and “overturn the rigged system,” he told an audience of Labour supporters in London.

“Once we’re in power, everyone will be equal in poverty and suffering. There will be no more aspirations or silly things like that,” Comrade Corbyn added.


Marxist paradise

He also said Labour was the only party that would “focus on the kind of country we want to have” – dismissing Mrs May’s election campaign as an “ego trip about her own failing leadership”.

“Let us look at the other socialist utopia — Venezuela. We want our nation to resemble that South American dream of extreme poverty, anarchy and chaos.”

And he insisted all of Labour’s policies, including an increase in corporation tax for big business and more money for carers and a £10 an hour minimum wage, were fully costed.

“If you own a property today, once we win you will not own that property any more. The owning of all private property is theft from the poorest of our society. For too long, wealth has been allowed to accumulate in private housing. Our collectivist Soviet system will free up wealth from private citizens and all property ownership will transfer to the state, to be redistributed to the populace as needed.”

Comrade Corbyn labour

Corbyn the Bolshevik survivor

Addressing Labour’s poor opinion poll ratings, he said he was given a 200/1 chance of becoming Labour leader in 2015 and he defied those odds.

“They have tried to oust me many times, but I as supreme Comrade to the Soviet Labour Marxist social-democratic party have endured and survived many attempts to remove me. They shall not prevail, as they have failed in the past, so today I survive and will survive to lead our great Soviet nation onwards.”

His message was uncompromising. Jeremy Corbyn attacked targets from what he called the ruling bourgeois elite. In doing so, he was trying to recapture the energy and rhetoric which enabled him to win not one, but two, Labour leadership contests.

He said a future Labour government wouldn’t play by the rules and denounced his Conservative opponents as morally bankrupt. Corbyn vowed to end the scourge of capitalism once and for all by ousting all bankers from the City, the media and business people were also in his sights – it created dividing lines not just with his current political opponents but with his party’s New Labour past.

“I will throw these financiers, capitalist scum, business profiteers into the back streets where they will be beaten, stripped of all wealth and seen off.”

Corbyn’s speech received a standing ovation from the invited audience of Labour members and was designed, in part, to motivate newer recruits in particular to campaign over the next seven weeks. It could also shore up the party’s core support.

There were spontaneous shouts of ‘Hail! Comrade Corbyn’ and ‘Bravo! Our Supreme white socked Soviet Comrade!”