French Election Schengen Zone Terrorism – Marine Le Pen the Only Answer

PARIS - France is effectively an open house from the border of Syria to Calais, with little or no border checks, Kalashnikovs, grenade launchers, semtex, drugs, terrorists and illegal migrants are funnelled through the Schengen corridor day and night.


There is only one person who can halt this Schengen nightmare that has befallen the once great and beautiful country of France, and that is Marine Le Pen.


The land that housed the greatest artists of all time, painters, architects and cuisine is being besieged daily by a torrent of unwanted migrants and terrorists crossing into its borders.

The boulevards, once attended by caf├ęs and lounging Parisians now filled to the brim with the smell of faeces, and urine from the makeshift tents laid out amongst bickering African migrants fighting for some space which they think is owed to them.

How far into the toilet must one country go before someone stands up and says ‘Enough is enough!’ or ‘trop c’est trop!’?

It is time for the socialists to step aside, and for real action to take place, for a party that can save France from this disastrous decline and fall into the mire.

Perhaps, a Joan D’Arc character like Marine Le Pen, can finally bring an end to the terrible malaise that has befallen this once great nation, smeared by the EU for too long.

How many terrorist atrocities will it take for the French to finally come to their senses, to have cartoonists murdered in cold blood, or pedestrians crushed under trucks, or music lovers executed mercilessly?

France. Wake up. There is a whole world outside the prison of the European Union, a failed project that not only has imprisoned France but inhibited it from its true potential.

The fight is not with Britain, mes amis, but with the unelected cochons in Brussels, who dictate to you every day.

Break free from the chains and release the Gallic spirit across the globe with trade, manufacturing, enterprise, art, and of course the wonderful French Joi de vivre.