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Communist Land Grab: Labour Garden Tax Will Treble Your Council Tax

LONDON - England - Say goodbye to your well pruned English country garden, as you will not be able to afford it any more under Labour's Land Value Tax (LVT) - dubbed the garden tax - which will be based on three per cent of the value of land for each property.


It’s not only the rich with their vast gardens that will be hit hard, but the middle classes, pensioners and those trying to get on the property ladder. Even if you have a mid terraced property with a tiny garden, depending on the area you live in you will be paying over £4,500 per annum.

In Westminster local tax would rise a massive 2,300 per cent to £17,413 at the highest end.

In Kensington and Chelsea, where the average home is worth £1.4m, town hall taxes would jump from £1,208 to £23,213, an increase of £22,005, or 1,821 per cent.

One of the poorest council areas of England – Barking and Dagenham – would see hard pressed council tax payers faced with an average bill of more than 500 per cent more at £4,579 a year.

Jeremy Corbyn, a staunch communist Marxist has included the Land Value Tax in the Labour manifesto, and will implement the deadly tax on households as early as September  this year, once in power, leaving little or no time to sell up before the tax is implemented.

Not only will the Land Value Tax affect the most vulnerable in society and pensioners, but the tax will be exercised on farm land, thus increasing the price of food enormously.

Vegetables, bread, egg and milk prices will rise by an estimated 250% within the first year of the Labour tax and continue to rise year on year.

Naturally with such large costs incurred on homeowners, many will not be able to pay and repossessions will increase. Accompanied with the high rise of food costs in the UK, many will fall into poverty, which is what Jeremy Corbyn and his evil communist apparatchiks want.

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So, what can you do?

  1. Sell up and live in a flat somewhere
  2. Sell up and leave Britain
  3. Concrete over the garden and make it into a council car park
  4. Sell your garden to greedy council developers to house migrants and the unemployed
  5. Commit suicide and forget about it all


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