EU Conspiracy Manipulated Electoral Polls to Dupe May Into Calling Early Election

LONDON - England - One of the necessary rules of warfare is never underestimate your enemy, but sadly this rule may have fallen on deaf ears in Theresa May's camp, who may have been duped into calling an early general election.


The Daily Squib warned of the dangers of Jeremy Corbyn and his band of sleeper cell silent voters months ago, but of course we are never taken seriously.

And so, we are now at an impasse, where the anti-Brexit, Marxist, Socialist, anti-private property, high tax loving, anti-business, pro-EU contingent have hijacked the high ground.

It seems the awkward timid Theresa May has seriously underestimated the seething self-hatred that underlines Modern Britain today when it comes to the socialist class and their Momentum movement of communistic fervour.

To try and explain that the socialists plans are not economically viable is redundant, as they do not hear sense, logic or factual data. In their communist brainwashing they are completely in allegiance to the soviet EU state which is run completely by unelected eurocrats.

The BBC bias is to be understood, as they receive large payments from the EU. The anti-Brexit activist Gina Miller from Guyana, is financed by George Soros, and the EU. The Labour party anti-Brexit operatives like Mandelson and Blair have a hotline direct to Brussels as they engineer more plots with Lib Dem vile traitors like Nick Clegg and Tim Farron.

Casting a shadow over Britain today is a PM fighting for her life, in a very subdued way. She does not seem to exude much passion or energy seeing as the polls are now showing a major movement towards the Marxist Labour party led by Jeremy Corbyn.

False promises

Instead of leading with a passionate Brexit strategy during campaigning, May instead talked about dementia, or other social issues which are low on scale of things to be done. She should have rallied the troops instead of turning left, and this is why she is now in a pit, having taken a gamble that may unseat the Tories.

It is evident that socialists do not care how much debt they put Britain in to fund their vast welfare spending drive. The only alarm bells that will ring is when all the money runs out, as happened in the last Labour government.

From a 22 point lead to minus 5

We may get a hung parliament, we may get a Labour majority in parliament, and from this mess, we may get a lesson in humility, that the silent majority in this country now who rear their heads only on election day are the millions of migrants let in by Blair, the millions of unemployable staunch communists, and the millions of disaffected brainwashed youth who march to the red sock sandalled step of Jeremy Corbyn.

June the 8th, will thus be an important election, because it may mean the loss of Brexit, the loss of private property in the UK, the loss of the royal family, the loss of business, the loss of entrepreneurial spirit, and ultimately the loss of Britain as a viable free nation.