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Underestimate Corbyn At Your Own Risk

LONDON – England – Amongst the wailing and caterwauling that goes on at PMQs against Jeremy Corbyn and his communist chums every week, there is a feeling in the air that the conservatives are somehow invincible.

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Nothing can be further than the truth. The EU Referendum revealed to many the underbelly of the beast, the Remainers, who support communism, support the abolishment of the royal family and support massive tax hikes on people who have worked hard all their lives to achieve wealth.

John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor, a staunch Marxist Communist Bolshevik is now proposing a yearly tax of 20% to be taken from the assets of the richest. This would solve the deficit according to him, however, as it stands at £1.7 trillion, his little scheme would only raise a paltry £800 million or so.

We must not forget that this would only be the beginning, and once first blood is shed, there would have to be more. Communism means that every one is equal in poverty and misery, apart from the party hierarchy, who even have their own lanes on motorways.

Under the horrific dystopia of a Corbyn win in the election, Britain would become a communist state, and it would not be long before re-education camps were erected across the countryside, and many would try to flee to better climes only to be detained and interrogated, then summarily stripped of the rest of their wealth.

There is a great following for Corbyn, it is all encompassing, as the disenfranchised are many, the jobless, the ones who have no hope, no training, no skills, doomed to a purgatory of poverty, these people have nothing to lose.

This is why Corbyn must not be underestimated, as there is a suspicion that he has some form of support from the deep state, he certainly would not have been able to hang on for so long without its help.

A Corbyn government would be a great opportunity for political purges, those would be carried out after a short time in power, then the royal family would have their budgets reduced to near zero, a precursor to their eventual demise. We would see bread queues much like happened in the former Soviet USSR, and of course, the party line would be defended by a ruthless politburo and efficient KGB-like secret service.

Britain is a nation that views its wealth from home ownership and the increase of house prices, this equity defines many Britons. Under a Corbyn government house prices in Britain would be non existent, as many would fall to state ownership for the poor families. In effect, Corbyn would let the state nationalise your home so it can be used by the unfortunates.

Nationalising the majority of housing, rail, transport, farms and manufacturing, would fall into Corbyn’s Collectivist 10-Year-Plan, as once he is elected, there will not be any other elections until he is ousted.

How does this all tie in with the EU? Well, as its aspirations to become a Soviet Superstate accelerate, Corbyn would be preparing Britain to completely amalgamate with the EU’s Soviet structure. There are a sizeable amount of EU Remainers in Britain, and their support is assured for Corbyn, from which he will dissolve the British military to be nothing more than a few garrisons, and abolish our nuclear deterrent. This is Corbyn’s key to communistic success, and union with the EU.

Communism is alive and well in Britain today, and should not be underestimated.

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