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Monday, October 19, 2020
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Fall of Saigon: “Silence of the West as ISIS Advances on...

BAGHDAD - Iraq - Saigon, April 30 1975, the Hueys overburdened, perched upon tall buildings lifting off as desperate Vietnamese civilians and former workers hang on, a scene soon to be repeated.

Chavs Seen on Streets Again

GRIMSBY - England - In anticipation of Labour's return, rather prematurely, chavs have been taking to the streets once again.

Tony Blair: “I Have Accomplished More Than I wished For as...

LONDON - England - Former Prime Minister of Britain, Tony Blair has a smile on his face as he leaves the offices for the last time of the Quartet as Middle East Peace envoy.

Experts: When Sex Slaves Go Wrong

NEW YORK - USA - Sex slaves amongst the powerful rich are not meant to go wrong, and when they do, it creates a mighty mess.

O London If We Forget the Past What Shall Become of...

LONDON - England - If we forget our past what will become of our future? The capital city is in danger, and yet no one is willing to talk about it or even acknowledge what is happening. The coming general election in May will hopefully render some answers.

Tony Blair Refuses to Answer Questions Could be Waterboarded Says Home...

LONDON - England - The former prime minister said speculation about his role in the UK and US's torture program is “not something I will ever talk about”. Tony Blair refuses to even answer questions and has always insisted the allegations are completely baseless.

Tony Blair: “No Matter How Many Times I Wash My Hands..”

LONDON - England - Former Prime Minister, Tony Blair has given a rare insight into his life, in which he bemoans the state of hand soap these days.

Revealed: Tony Blair Says He is Real Caliph of Iraq

TIKRIT - Iraq - Tony Blair is the real Caliph of Iraq he claims emphatically.

Wendi Deng to Marry Tony Blair in Iraq

LONDON - England - Tony Blair's office made the announcement today that he will be marrying Wendi Deng in Iraq.

Murdoch Releases Video of Secret Blair Meeting

NEW YORK - USA - Media magnate, Rupert Murdoch has released a secret video recording of a confrontational meeting he had with ex PM Tony Blair.

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