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Jeremy Corbyn Reverse Promotion Strategy Working Well Says Blair

LONDON - England - Comrade Corbyn is going from strength to strength as his name is mentioned everywhere on a constant basis.

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You have to understand one thing about the constant barrage of media railing against Labour candidate Jeremy Corbyn is that it keeps his name up there at all times.

“The more we say don’t vote for Jeremy Corbyn, the more people look. They ask questions, they see, they hear, and then they talk about Jeremy Corbyn,” an anti-Jeremy Corbyn Labour adjutant told the Labour Worker newspaper.

By getting a pariah such as ex-prime minister Tony Blair to come up with anti-Corbyn speeches every other day, the Labour hierarchy are succeeding in keeping Jeremy Corbyn at the forefront of the Labour leadership at all times.

“It would be more worrisome if they all shut up,” a Corbyn supporter revealed on Sunday.

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