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US Media: Invisible Man Shoots White Police Officer

HOUSTON - USA - Being black in America is the same as being invisible, according to media outlets, especially when you commit cold blooded executions on white cops.

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According to the heavily sovietized politically correct US media, the invisible man executed a police officer who was filling up his car in a petrol station.

All news outlets in America are forbidden from identifying murderers if they are black, therefore this leaves an open door policy for more killings to take place.

Open Season

“They can’t describe us so we can do what we want,” a ‘young person’ from Houston said whilst brandishing a gun and laughing.

News network heads have been ordered by the current administration to turn a blind eye to these executions.

“We cannot identify the killers because we are not allowed to describe these people who are committing these murders. This is why no one has been caught. How can you catch someone that no one saw, or knows anything about? These orders come from the highest levels and we gotta keep our jobs,” a station worker who wished to remain anonymous, told no one in particular.

The media silence and invisibility of these crimes gives these people carte blanche to carry on their murder sprees unhindered, but that’s what the US administration wants it seems.

Political correctness is a soviet communist tool used to control behaviour and speech as well as to censor all media.

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