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Why Race Wars Are Stupid

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Having a race wars is dumb because these days many people are mixed race or have friends and family who are different races to you.

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Who wants a race war?

“You will get the odd kook who puts it upon himself to break out a ‘race war’, but their world view and model of things are very limited. To have a race war, there has to be total segregation. These days there’s only a tiny unseen form of segregation and you have to sometimes dig quite deep to find it. One or two idiots do not make a race war, it takes a lot more than that. Also, groups like BlackLivesMatter are not cohesive enough to start a race war, even though they are funded by some big players from the left, it still would take a larger group to make a difference. Ferguson was a tiny blip, as was the Trayvon Martin minor uprising and the Baltimore fiasco. You see without complete national action, these limited disturbances are just that, little blips on the map,” race war expert, Dean Albright, told MSNBC.

What about the Occupy people? We asked another expert about that one.

“The Occupy people are pretty much the same as the BlackLivesMatter people but under different names. College students, bored losers who need a cause to rant about with no actual plan. Sure, these guys were mysteriously funded by certain big boys, mentioning no names, but they were used, these people were too unintelligent and naive to realise this fact, that their little demonstrations serve as distractions. Let’s look at their slogan “We Are the 99%” now that can’t be further from the truth, because if they were the 99% they would have taken over by now. The Occupy people were less than 0.00034% if they got lucky. The only thing these guys achieved was putting a boost on tent sales, so they were demonstrating against commerce but actually working for it by buying thousands of tents. Tent sales went up by 60% the month they were demonstrating,” Lewis Magister, an expert on useless fads told another news station.

Coming back to race wars, yeah, a race war, sounds ridiculous to many, but then again, someone or some agency always could use that for their agenda.

President Obama is coming to the end of his tenure, and he’s running out of time to do something viable. What has he achieved apart from squandering $2.5 Trillion on his useless socialist pet projects? Now that China is selling U.S. Treasurys by the $100 Billion, who is going to buy the debt? Countries are dumping U.S. Treasury bills faster than a hot rock from Whitney Houston’s pipe. The Fed can try and pump the market further but when hyperinflation kicks in what defence is left?

The last days of Obama, sounds like a title for a poorly written novel made into a B-movie. Certainly, Obama will be the first and last black president in the history of the United States, simply because he has made such a terrible mess of the situation and dug the hole so deep, no one will ever get out of it for at least ten or twenty generations. But he has his orders, someone or something is controlling this guy, and he has to step up operations. Gun control, race war, anything to mask the mess that comprises of the U.S. economy. Fake cash pumping is only a kicked can, but cans eventually disintegrate if you kick them too many times. Obama’s time is running out fast to complete his ‘great work’.

One only needs to remember the faces of the brainwashed as they rallied for Obama during his first days, the look of awe as they stared in hypnotic amazement at their demagogue, but O how it went wrong for these people. One can imagine the feeling of shame these easily hypnotised troglodytes must feel every time they look at a Vote Obama sticker now rarely seen on a car. Americans are one of the most easily brainwashed people on earth, and election season is proof of this fact, seeing as the deal has already been sealed, but they like the show, the balloons and placards waving around. Give them bread and circuses and they’re happy, the plebs and their little pretend performances of adulation.

There will never be a race war in America simply because the people can’t be bothered. Apathy, cowardice, fear and staying employed to pay the mortgage put paid to any form of unified action on a grand scale. Step back folks, nothing to see here, just more endless news stories of nothingness, and then some.

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