WDBJ7: Black Supremacist Shoots Two White Journalists on Live TV – VIDEO

VIRGINIA - USA - Two WDBJ7 white journalists who were shot live on camera in cold blood were innocent victims of a fractured nation on its last legs.

Would there be any other reason for a shooting of this nature? The seething racial hatred amongst African Americans towards the paler citizens of the once great country they used to call the United States.

The political correctness in fact exasperates and feeds the problem of racial hatred until you get events like this terrible shooting taking place.

Whether we are talking illegal immigration from South America or the disenfranchised black populations, they see every day how the other half live, how the old money enriches them whilst others have nothing, they can only watch it on television or the internet.

There is no hope however hard they work in America, because of their colour, their native primitive ways are baulked upon, their uncultured status preserved for an eternity in a racially divided silent apartheid.

American society is a fractured mess, whether amongst the prescription drugged populace, or the racial soup where only the light floats to the top, the left or right have never been so divided.

Those two WDBJ7 journalists did not deserve to die for such skewed venomous hatred.

(UPDATE ) The Killer Films the Event POV

Live Footage of the Broadcast