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Our Guide to Prepping for the Oncoming Apocalypse

LONDON - England - The Dow dropping a thousand points in a day, China's markets crumbling, these are little glimpses into the future. If you've been reading our hallowed pages for awhile you will have been sufficiently prepared for the apocalypse.

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In this brief guide we’re not going to discuss any of the engineered elements that brought us to this stage, if you wish to do so read the pages of our tome, as we fortuitously foretell the future sometimes forty or one hundred years prior to the events that will pass.

Please do not get us wrong, we do not derive any pleasure in the things we foresee, but the future is a fickle master and there is little choice in the sordid matter.

The Squibbers Guide to Prepping for the Apocalypse

1) If you have not stocked up on plenty of booze, now is the time to do so, whisky is a good choice, plenty of it, and maybe a little bottled water as well.

2) You will of course need stacks of weaponry. If you live in America, they are civilized and allow their citizens to defend themselves with guns and the dignity they deserve, if you live in the UK, you are shit out of luck because the nanny state has disarmed all citizens and if there is unrest, the army will stay in their barracks, the police will flee, and the citizens will be left to the criminals. For UK citizens, grab a frying pan or a good stick, for our American cousins, you have pretty much any weapon made by man at your disposal to defend yourself and your family.

3) Do forget about money. When the ATMs shut, so will the value of the valueless currency you hold in your hands right now. Do not even bother to think about money, after all it is merely paper created by the elites on a whim in amounts of their choosing, quantitative easing is proof of that. When the financial meltdown occurs, the only currency will be food, water and guns.

4) Shelter is as much an important factor as any, and you will have to find a place away from the starving marauding hordes. Naturally, the rich will have absconded to their bunkers, but these can be breached as easily as any other shelter, because bunkers need air. Disrupting the air intake systems so they pop their heads out of the ground to have a look, then giving them a good seeing to is easy enough. One thing is certain, the city should be avoided at all costs as these will be areas of massacre, chaos and death on an unbridled scale. You will need to flee all cities if you can get past the checkpoints. Forests, caves and mountainous areas are good for survival, as long as you have food and clean water supplies. Deserted islands are the best solution.

5) It may be many years before there is a semblance of normality if ever, so you must be prepared for the long haul. Economic collapse is of course the first stage, then there will be war. Remember, the precursor for economic collapse and war is the engineered pushing of debt, promiscuity, religious extremism, feminism, homosexuality/transgenderism and unfettered migration onto the populations as a weapon used to fracture societies. These weaponised tactical diversions create division, chaos and confusion in the populace prior to the destruction of all of society. Destruction is seen by the controllers as a necessary process of change, and although unpalatable to the masses, tough luck, there is no choice in the matter, one must first break a few eggs to make a Coudenhove omelette.

6) The key to survival is in good preparation, and by now you will have been sufficiently stocked with the elements needed for at least a two year stretch. Do not tell anyone that you have stocked up on food and water during the preparation period, the last thing you want is everyone to make a beeline for your house when it all goes down to the wire. Remember that events can change at any time, so you must also be prepared to flee your shelter at short notice. Be on guard at all times, as even a moment of distraction can lead to death.

7) During the process of change, central core operations will still exist within governmental centres deep underground. These will be manned by essential staff and ministers who are deemed important enough to have a pass, the rest will be left to fend for themselves. There are also medical facilities and research laboratories deep underground that will preserve important genetic and DNA information. It is quite conceivable that the general populace who survive would still be treated as the enemy by the core government, as the core state’s agenda is not known or can change on a whim. Military technology is eighty years ahead of the visible general technology, so the armed force core systems will always survive the deluge.

8) If there is nuclear war after the initial stage of economic collapse, your survival chances will be limited, in the US if you live within a metro area, your best bet is to be at the epicentre of the bomb as disintegration will occur and you will not know anything. There will be radioactive fallout after detonation but if you are far away you will have limited survivability rates even if in shelter, as the nuclear winter could last for twenty or more years. The UK has a much smaller land mass, therefore nuclear detonations on major cities would be much more deadly as these areas are densely populated and survival will be limited. Coupled with radioactive fallout, much of Britain could be devastated with only a few nuclear detonations.

9) Conventional non nuclear war is probably the choice of the enemy, as is happening in Ukraine and Syria at the moment. After economic collapse, there will be nations which will take advantage of the situation, especially if the collapse is on a global level. With limited resources dwindling and populations increasing, time is rapidly running out for some countries, and in essence they are being pushed towards war.  Internal war in the United States is a certainty, and FEMA camps would be put to good use for the populations. Non-nuclear warfare is the best bet for preserving some resources, because the alternative is complete destruction.

10) Welcome to the post-consumer society. The ones who do win the war will be tasked with the important task of assembling a New World Order, and this will be achieved with a vastly reduced global population where breeding will be heavily controlled. Technology will be the singular factor embellishing the new society as key advances have already been made, leaving further room for an exponential increase in discovery. The roads will be clear for an unhindered, sustainable technological future.

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