Experts: Mass EU Immigration Anarchists Dream

LONDON - England - Thanks to the perpetual war in Iraq and Syria, Europe is seeing a huge humanitarian crisis caused by unfettered immigration.

We asked some military emergency experts what they thought of the deluge.

“Anarchy and chaos are a product of lawlessness. What is the Schengen treaty? It is an EU law that allows complete free movement within the borders of the European Union. This treaty is thus a precept to total anarchy in Europe and our projections after analysing the latest data is that the levels of anarchy will increase exponentially. It is a gift to the anarchists that the EU leadership are slow and ineffectual, to give a simple analogy, they seem to be caught in the headlights.

“There are thousands of Islamic State fighters infiltrating the lines of refugees who are being welcomed with open arms into the EU, and these terrorists will no doubt make themselves known at some time adding to the anarchic chaos that is already under way.

“Additionally, our analysis concludes that millions of economic migrants are coming from Africa as well as war torn areas in the Middle East.

“The anarchist organisers at ports like Calais are encouraging thousands of migrants to cross into the United Kingdom, for a very good reason, more anarchy. Complete destabilisation of the government, breakdown of law and order, as well as limitation of all departments of public service.

“Anarchy is contrary to government, law and commerce, therefore what we are seeing now is a precursor to the destabilisation of all forms of the state, compounded by the current EU and UK’s passivity.

“Citizens will have to be vigilant as the state of anarchy that will prevail will most certainly turn violent. It is possible that the current states are actively holding back so that anarchy could be allowed to flourish. This method of lassitude on the part of the current governments within Europe could also be a ruse, so that anarchic chaos would pre-empt the introduction of martial law or another form of totalitarian governance.”