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Britain’s Crime? Its Supposed Success

LONDON - England - Everyone wants to come to Britain, the land of the freebie, but at what cost to this already overcrowded tiny island?

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As the United Nations and other humanitarian agencies chastise Britain’s policy of ‘intransigence’ regarding the millions of refugees and benefits seekers coming into Europe from the war torn Middle East and Africa, South East Asia, do they not consider the fact that the deluge of human suffering will cause the complete collapse of these targeted nations? Of course, many European nations have already taken millions and assisted in humanitarian aid, but more is asked of them daily.

The displaced and opportunity seekers all want to come to Britain, and for a very good reason too, they are enticed by the daily reports on the internet news stations of large families receiving huge benefits payments, housing and medical care, as well as all expense paid trips to whichever holiday destination they want. Who would not be enticed by reading about benefits families, all living the life of Riley, asking for bigger houses, going on extravagant shopping trips for couture hand bags, purchasing huge 3D televisions, and they see these things and they want it too, it is their right as any other’s right?

In Calais, the human swarm waits to come to Britain, the land of free stuff, because Le Frenchie does not give out free stuff so easily, so it’s up to Le Ros Beef to do the honours. The word is out, free stuff, and you the taxpayer, who are already stretched beyond redemption, will pay, as you are already paying for the millions who come to use the NHS, then leave. The NHS is the world’s free hospital service and British taxpayers are ‘proud’ to be paying for the rest of the world to fly into Britain, get treated for whatever they have, maybe drop a few quintuplets, then fly back the next day to wherever they came from, or better still stay in Britain to be cared for there forever with the extended family in tow of course.

The BBC, much like the NHS, is a world service paid for by British taxpayers, and why not? The BBC’s supposed exclusive iPlayer service can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world. UK taxpayers are funding iPlayer. The socialist structure of these organisations enable millions of people globally to rip off UK taxpayers.

The European Union and United Nations work in tandem with the Obama White House urging Britain to take more millions and this is why the tiny land mass of Britain shall take more, because of a duplicitous British PM, and the socialist nature of Britain’s structure.

It is already too late for any other action other than to let everyone in to this overcrowded nation, every town and city is already full to bursting; every tiny narrow British road a traffic mess, every school is now an oversubscribed depository, every hospital corridor is now full of trolleys with sick migrants wanting their free treatment, every street is now full of beggars from all corners of the world and houses with fifty or sixty families crammed in by ruthless migrant landlords. More will keep coming, the doors open, the floodgates overwhelmed but welcoming until every square foot of British land is covered, rats on top of rats, squirming, a mass of moving bodies defecating into a single tiny sewer, overflowing and very smelly.

Many Britons feel no other choice but to leave their home shores, and who is to blame them, for they have been punished severely for the simple crime of being English, Welsh, Scottish as their ancestors once were, and the ancestors before them, cruelly they have been abandoned, left to the dogs, so they leave their own country, sure we now live in a supposed globalist ‘paradise’, but the elite controllers have a funny sense of humour, where they make the living nightmare a reality worse by proclaiming it a paradise. You will be brainwashed to say it is a paradise, and your kids will be taught in school to say it is a paradise, you will be happy about the situation as you sit on the floor, nothing but a bleating parrot sheep-like creature repeating the mantra that they have forced upon you.

Say goodbye to Britain, for it is no more and will never be the same again. Adieu, farewell, cheerio.

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