How Much is EU Paying Tony Blair to Destroy Brexit?

LONDON - England - Tony Blair's campaign to destroy Brexit is orchestrated and possibly financed by the EU.

We have seen the slithering Tony Blair at countless meetings with Jean Claude Juncker and EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier. Mr. Blair flies to Brussels nearly every week to get his latest briefing and orders, and more than likely clandestine brown envelopes filled with much wonga.

“We can of course transfer your money to any one of your Swiss accounts,” a well-suited EU denizen explains to Blair.

Like many of the quislings and treasonous traitors to British interests, the only interest Tony Blair has in the EU Brexit stance is money.

“The more money Tony makes, the better he feels. He is quite happy to broker deals with Indonesian despots, African tyrants, and crooked Eurocrats all on the take. There is no indignity he will fall to, and betraying the people of Britain is a delight to Blair, he actually gets a kick out of being the Lord Haw Haw of British politics,” a Westminster commentator revealed.

MPs in Westminster who are actively working to reverse Brexit are all on the EU take, but they don’t just go for cash payoffs, that would be too vulgar, they instead get their little initiatives boosted where they cream off the money for themselves without anyone else noticing.

Only the devil knows how much Blair is getting for his efforts, but one can be sure that he is not doing all of this for free. Without the Brussels payoffs there would not be much movement from the Blair apart from a few quips here or there. His concerted, well financed campaign screams of Brussels money, much like the other MPs who Remoan on a daily basis in Westminster.